How to do it from the other end?

If you want to sell something on the market, then those are the necessary steps (in the reverse order):

  • Satisfy the customer or give the opportunity to return the money.
  • Deliver the product or give the goods to the customer in hand.
  • Accept payment from the client in a convenient and understandable way.
  • To convey information about the product / service to a potential client.
  • To produce goods (or collect its components) in the required quantity.
  • Create a product or service.
  • Come up with a product / solution.

As you can see, only the last point touches upon the “idea” stage, the two penultimate “do” stages, and all the remaining items are the “sell” stage, which are the business itself.

Even if you remove the concern for the “level of happiness” of the client… The necessary conditions for any business model are: take money from the buyer and deliver the product in the expected time.

It is very hard to sell a product without reporting information about it. It is unlikely that someone will pay for the “smoke and mirrors” or decide to spend money on something that he has never heard of. There are exceptions, of course…

“Solving problems from the end”™ is a useful practice not only in business. This approach is often used in different areas.

  • Engineering: we need to connect our solution to standard input / output devices even at the prototype stage.
  • Logistics: we need to fit everything into a standard container, pass through a tunnel in the mountain, do not overload the plane, etc.
  • Medicine: we need to keep the injured patient alive.
Solve business problems in reverse order. First, do everything to receive money and satisfy the customer, and then you can do the distribution and production.

Author: Anton Karpenko

The author of this all :)

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