What is the “minimum set in a box”?

So what to pack “in a box” and how to deliver the product to the buyer?

Your task is to meet the needs of the client within the acceptable time for him (and not for you). No more, but no less! The product must be workable without shenanigans™, and the delivery time to which the customer has agreed may differ slightly from the claimed.

The “package” should contain the necessary minimum of what will allow the client to fully use the product. Everything else, including the “fascinating” unboxing process™, is already a “free prize inside”, “shooting at the sky” for getting the Wow-effect, and other marketing magic.

Delivery. The faster – the better. The pleasure of acquiring is inversely proportional to the waiting time. But we must understand that the cost of transportation cannot exceed the amount of profit. So be sure to warn the buyer about the actual delivery time, so as not to cause a negative attitude even if everything is done “quickly.”

For online products, delivery can (and should) be made instant, but do not spoil the “instant result” with all sorts of strange steps like:

  • Choose a stronger password.
  • Confirm your email by clicking on the link from the letter.
  • The phone must be entered without a plus, dashes or spaces.

You can insert additional information or correct incorrectly entered data later, but you cannot make a good “first impression” again…

Give the customer everything you need as quickly as possible. Bells and whistles™ can be added later, maybe your product can
be sold without them.

Author: Anton Karpenko

The author of this all :)

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