Do I need to create a new product?

If you have calculated everything, decided on the economic feasibility, planned out a strategy for bringing the product to the market and methods of dealing with competitors or simply ignored the advice “to drop everything” in the first chapter…

Be honest with yourself at least in this question:

  • Is there something suitable and ready that you can just sell in a different package?

Here are more specific options for questions for those who do not understand what they mean:

  • Is there a ready-made solution from ABC, let’s do things based on it?
  • Why Excel®, Photoshop®, [your advertisement could be here] are not suitable for these tasks?
  • Will the customer definitely switch to our new product , or is it easier for him to supplement someone else’s proven solution?

Maybe we should stop thinking about doing something original and resell finished products? This could also be a business.

Few people think that there is not much difference to sell “their” or “someone else’s” product. All products need to be conveyed to customers in the same way, positioned, delivered, sold… In other words, when selling a “foreign product”, you will have to do the same things, but not waste your efforts on production, maintenance, repair, etc. Do you really need this extra pain in the ass?

If you have not yet closed the book and became even more sure that you can’t do business without your own product / solution – get ready for a hard, but interesting enough, way to build and bring a new product to the market. But if you can get by with a ready-made solution, act immediately.

It’s as difficult to sell your products as selling someone else’s; it only makes sense to produce your own product if you get a tangible advantage in the market from it.

Author: Anton Karpenko

The author of this all :)

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