Why is packaging and shipping more important than content?

If you put solid feces in the wrappers from Snickers®, Twix®, KitKat®, etc. or pour tinted urine into cans / bottles of Coke®, Pepsi®, Red Bull®, packages with this product will still appear on supermarket shelves and in consumers’ refrigerators! Yes, perhaps those will be the last sales of such a product, moreover, a serious scandal may break out… But then again, sour milk in supermarkets is quite common.

The moral of the story is simple: People buy goods “package” of suitable size in the nearest “accessible place”, and only then expect the “fabulous content” inside.

You can try to argue with this, saying that the popularity of a product or brand was built precisely on “content quality”… Yes, most likely it was. But we are talking about the importance of packaging and delivery!

Stories about what kind of good, and most importantly cheap, grapes can be bought in the villages of the Mediterranean have nothing to do with business (well, except for the tourism business). Moreover, without proper packaging and fast delivery, the same grapes will not sell across the world.

The presence of prepackaged goods (packaging) in the consumption location (delivery) is more important than the content itself (product).

Author: Anton Karpenko

The author of this all :)

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