What’s next?

If you were not mistaken in the calculations at the “idea” stage and did not lie to yourself when choosing “your product” vs. “selling someone else’s” – you have a demanded product on your hands. This is a very valuable asset!

It’s simple: Deliver the product to everyone, improve and develop it. Bring customers joy and take money for it.

Later on you will be engaged in usual business, tasks of growth and optimization like:

  • How to sell ​​more and more expensive.
  • How to deliver faster and safer.
  • How to produce cheaper, easier to maintain, etc.
  • Rinse and repeat…

And after a while, but it will always happen sooner or later, the demand for your product or service will disappear. At this point, you will either create other products, or become a footnote in history…

It is because of the obsolescence of the product and / or the disappearance of the demand for the service that businesses do not live long. And those companies that exist on the market for more than 10 years often sell completely different products from which they started.

But whatever difficulties may be waiting for you on this business path, it is better to “meet the demand” somewhere and go down in history as a success than just look at the world from the safety of the passenger seat.

The life of any product comes to an end eventually, be prepared to create new products, more and more.

Author: Anton Karpenko

The author of this all :)

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