This can hardly be called a book, rather a brochure or a training manual. Just nine pages.

The working title has changed several times, from different variations of “How to make a successful IT product” to some scathing appeals like “Sell first”. So far, I have settled on: “How to Make Products? 9 Questions to Yourself.”

The English and Russian versions are fully available online. Anyway nobody likes to pay for digital materials… If you really want you can give me a coffee or some beer 🙂 Thank you!

You can start with the table of contents or reading from the chapter one. Below every article you’ll find links to the following and previous chapters.

Any comments are welcome, especially with examples and explanations that can be added to the book because “there is little text for a book”, “more examples are needed”, “nobody understands small texts”, and so on.

If you’re wondering why this “set of notes” appeared online, here is a brief history of this “book”.