How it all began?

During one of my frequent visits to the city of Prague, I had a lot of free time. I regularly could not sleep before 2 am, so I decided to spend time more wisely: by recording thoughts.

I’ve made bunch of notes was born somehow connected to the creation of products. “Building of a product” is not about inventing or production of goods – this is pre-marketing research and all important stages bringing the product to the consumer.

Then I collected the notes in the Google Docs and showed to some of my friends. The reviews were rather “positive”, but everyone noted that “there is little text for the book”, “more examples would be necessary”, “what you understand does not mean that others will understand”, etc.

Since I am a fan of short and clear phrases, I decided to publish “notes” on the website with the possibility of discussion (blog). Maybe someone will give advice what to add and bring some examples in comments. Thank you.

What came out of it – see by yourself 🙂